Monday, March 24, 2014

Bee Blocks

I've been caught up with my bee blocks for a while now.....just need to put them in the mail.

asterisk blocks
For do.Good Stitches, Erica requested asterisk blocks.  I have made these once before for our guild block lotto.  This is a fun block to make.  I like the larger size - 9.5" rather than 6".  I am doing better about cutting into my treasured fabrics.  Here I used some precious Hope Valley and Anna Maria Horner.  The black strips are from a quilt I made years ago for my oldest son.
spiderweb block
Cindy is doing a spider web quilt in solids with texty, low volume centers for our MCM Bee.  I think I could make these blocks in my sleep by now!  I already had the centers prepped for my blocks, and coming up with strips of solids was no problem.  I had to resist cutting into my "bolts" of solids when I have plenty in my scrap basket.  As a reminder, the spiderweb block tutorial can be found here.

churn dash block
Carla's block was put in the mail a while ago, but I neglected to post a picture.  She is continuing with her juicy fruit churn dash quilt and requested more blocks for that.  I love these little churn dashes put together in a bigger block.  She has the best tutorial for making these if you are interested in making some yourself.  

I am so happy to be a part of two wonderful bees.  What about you?  Do you participate in any online bees?  If so, what's your favorite block made so far?

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  1. Looks like a busy weekend sewing and nothing your different blocks and lots of happy colors....thanks

  2. Love those Churn Dashes! What glorious colors!

  3. Oh yes I love my online bees : ) not sure about a favourite block however.ive made so many!

  4. I love those churn dash blocks! Wow! I've never been in an online bee, but it is something I might be interested in :-) It looks like fun!