Thursday, January 9, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Improving

This week started on a high note.  My Seminoles won the last ever BCS Championship.  What a game!!!!!  My husband and middlest attended the game while the rest of us watched in the comfort of our pjs in front of the tv.

Sadly the boys caught my cold.  After the game, my son posted this on Facebook.  He's so sweet I didn't have the heart to correct his referring to quilts as blankets.

I now have a working cell phone.  Two weeks without was frustrating.  Now to watch out for ceramic bowls of water and hard surfaces ;-)

The suitcases are now all unpacked.  It won't be me this time climbing on the ladder to put them away!

Have you seen the movie Pitch Perfect?  I love this movie and have seen it too many times to count.  Lately I feel like Chloe, except in my case the excuse is because of my arm.  Cast should come off in two weeks then some rehab before sewing.

My injury did come in handy at Wednesday's guild meeting.  Michele knew how much I wanted this door prize and gifted it to me after she won.  Thanks Michele!

I thought I was being smart by using BlogPress, my iPad and Siri to compile this post.  That was before receiving continued error messages (after I had drafted entire post) saying network couldn't connect or some such nonsense.  After several hours of this, I went back to basics and retyped the entire post on Dashboard.  Lesson learned.

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  1. Technology is great when it works ; ) have a great weekend Rene

  2. Glad to hear the cast. Ones off soon and you'll be back to sewing not long after!

    Sorry some there aren't feeling well. I'd rather pass cookies than colds! :0)

  3. So happy to hear that your cast will be off soon. What patience you've had! I'm always looking for a good movie to watch. I'll check this one out.

  4. Second time I'm leaving this comment - the last disappeared. I'm glad you've learned to sometimes let someone else do the heavy lifting. Literally! And glad you won the OMQG giveaway. It's nice to know there are thoughtful people who aren't greedy about winning multiple prizes. How do you come up with books and movies I've never heard of? Is it because your children are younger than ours? I'm now on a library waiting list to read "Game of Thrones." Now I'm looking for the movie "Pitch Perfect."