Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini Monday: Queen for a Month

November is the month I get to be Queen Bee of our Mid Century Modern Bee group.  This is my first time participating in an online bee, and I had a difficult time choosing just one block idea.  So many quilt little time.

spiderweb block
another spider web block
I requested spider web blocks based on this tutorial from Heather.  However, I asked my fellow bee-ers not to assemble the four quadrants into blocks because I plan to follow this layout of Jacquie's.  The background fabric is low volume with the strips being bright modern fabrics.

spider web quilt in progress
Since I haven't decided whether I want each star to be of the same print (see picture labeled possible design option 1) or make the quilt even scrappier  (design option 2), I will wait until I receive all the block parts and play with the layout.  Of course that means more stitching for me...didn't think about that soon enough... ;-)

possible design option 1
possible design option 2
I can't wait until my blocks start arriving to see what combinations of fabrics my friends choose!  I know they will be fabulous!  Thanks in advance girls.

Clay Choice Variation
Here is October block I made for Elizabeth.  Click here to see how her beautiful Santa quilt is coming along.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Monday and happy stitching,


  1. Great selection of fabrics. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt.

  2. Looking good here Rene. It's very fun when all the squishy mail starts arriving ; )

  3. A very fun block for sure. I look forward to making mine!

  4. Love what you've got going on Rene'! Beautiful!

  5. Whatever you choose for your spiderweb quilt it's going to be amazing!

  6. Love your blocks! (I started a spider web quilt for a loved one with just a few basic colors. I like the idea of more vibrant ones for myself.)

  7. Oh how fun, Rene'! Coincidently, my girl friend, Vicki, and I are getting ready to make Kathy Doughty's version from Material Obsessions2. We will work on our quilts together once a week. I'm excited as I've always wanted to make myself a quilt with this design.

  8. oooooh, those will be pretty! I am a sucker for a good spiderweb.

  9. I love your spider web blocks!!! Can't wait to see what all you get :)
    (Sister) Michelle

  10. Nice job. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I'm about ready to start on your block today, so happy to see this post on your blog! It answered ALL my questions, so thank you. This spider web block will be beautiful--can hardly wait to see it take shape. Now to head over to Flickr to see all my bee-mates' blocks!

  12. I had never made this block before, but I just made your two - and what fun!! I thoroughly enjoyed them and think you'll have one awesome quilt!