Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Finish: Scrappy Selvage Bag

Happy Friday and happy first of November!  It's great to start the month off with a sewing finish.  I am excited to show you the bag I made using the Scrap Happy Purse pattern by Crazy Mom Quilts

I made a huge mess in my sewing room playing with fabric from my one of many overflowing string basket and selvage basket.  I have to say it was so much fun!  

scrappy selvage bag
I thought this bag was a perfect opportunity to put a dent into the pile of selvages I have hoarded over the years.  When cutting my selvages I leave a wide strip of the fabric too.  There was no planning in the arrangement/choice of strips.  I just grabbed a strip from my pile and stitched it to another strip.  Next time I make this bag I will go with a more planned scrappiness ;-)

the other side of the bag
My original plan was to make one side of the bag with all selvages and the other side using all fabric strips.  In the end I decided rather to alternate the sections of selvages and strips.  I am very pleased with how this turned out!  I even made my first gusset and stitched "leather" handles to the bag.  The interior  lining is Anna Maria Horner Field Study linen that I bought on sale and the pockets are Amy Butler LOVE lined in Technicolor.

blurry inside picture
I find the more I use my scraps the more scraps I seem to end up with.  
I'm not complaining....I'm just saying....

I made another 3-D project!
I still have tons of scraps and selvages...I see another scrap happy bag in my future!
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  1. It turned out so cute! The leather handles are really fancy, I may need a set of those!

  2. Your bag is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about scraps multiplying. The more we use the more we have???

  3. It turned out really great, Rene!!! It's crazy how scraps multiply as you use them....happens a LOT around here, too. ;)

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. That's the perfect use for selvedges! Great bag- it looks so sturdy, but pretty too!

  5. Great bag, Rene'! I cut my selvages wide, as to see the color in projects. My husband accidentally threw away all of my selvages which were sitting in a basket by the trash can. I'm more careful now!!

  6. I too love this! And oh boy, do I know how the more scraps you use the more you end up with!

  7. Great to see such lovely work can come out of those tricky little leftovers!

  8. Eek you know I'm in love with this. Great idea--perfect combo of pattern and selvages!

  9. I love the happy scrappyness of your new bag, Rene'; happy November to you too:)

  10. Love this bag! I like the way you alternated the fabrics with the selvages--I may have to follow your lead on this and make one myself. I already have a set of handles hanging in my closet, purchased at a quilt show and never used. Inspiration strikes!


  11. I LOVE this bag! Was it difficult attaching a leather handle?

  12. Love, love, love your bag!!!!
    (Sister) Michelle

  13. So darned cute, René! I'm a sucker for a selvage bag and this one is as sweet as can be. Love the colors, and the handles give it such a professional finish. You're making me want to sew another selvage bag for myself... and how many do I really need?! By the way, today I visited two Florida quilt shops for the first time. One was in Deland and the other in New Smyrna Beach (Seaside Quilting). Not much modern fabric, but found a few Florida-type pieces that are nice to have on hand for projects for others. Also, I must say that your sewing room can't look much worse - with scraps all over - than mine does! I'm finding that making Spider Web blocks is a messy task! :-) Ha!