Thursday, September 2, 2010

At Last

I have my studio organized!!!! least as organized as it's gonna get ;-)
After rearranging the sewing machine, cutting table, ironing board and bookcase for what seemed like a million times, it's just the way I like it!  Actually, I love it!!!

While taking care of my sick baby, I pulled all most of the fabric from the closet and got to work sorting.  Here's a view looking down on my new IKEA shelves.  I took close up pictures of each cubby to remind me of how it once was organized ;-)  There is a cubby (or two) for Christmas fabrics; for batiks organized by colors; cubbies for quilt kits;  several cubbies for fabric sorted by colors; etc.  There is even a cubby dedicated to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild!

I love having all my jelly rolls, honey buns and designer rolls in one place.

Same goes for charm squares, layer cakes and extra binding strips.

My bookcase even got a cleaning.  I left some of my new fabric I'm still "petting" here.  The original design wall is mostly covered since rearranging the bookcase.  You can see my "ugly" fabric peeking out on the side.  I added a bigger design wall in my closet.  This wasn't my original plan, but I like how it is working out.  The wall is huge but hidden when I close the door.

Here is a glimpse of the other side of my closet.  Some fabric remains ;-)

I found these quilt kits I had bought in Hawaii years ago.  I had just started quilting and had no idea what I was doing.  Don't know what possessed me to buy these paper pieced patterns....they aren't for beginners.

My sewing machine table even does double duty as a desk ... when I need to make sure my daughter is doing her homework ;-)

I even found a little time to sew... when my daughter took a break from her homework.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Wow, you are SO organized now! What a great feeling that must be. I love all your fabulous fabric storage.

  2. WOW it looks amazing Rene!! I'm envious of your ability to organize like that!

  3. It looks fantastic Rene! I'm sure your mind is clearer and your creative juices are flowing now that it's all organized. I know mine did when I organized. Have fun!

  4. Wow; your fabric collection looks wonderful organized perfectly in their little cubbies.
    Looks like you have more dresses in progress...

  5. Looks the way you have everything organized in the ikea shelves!

  6. Doesn't organized feel good??? :D

  7. Studio looks great. I hope you get to spend lots of creative time there.

  8. Wahoo for a studio...and a newly organized one at that. Got me dreaming, girl!

  9. wow - looks so nice- I am envious of the great space and how you've got it set up! all your hard work will pay off with lots of creativity!