Friday, May 7, 2010

No Sew and Tell Friday

It's sad but true.  For the first time in 29 weeks, I have nothing to share for Sew and Tell Friday.  I had the best intentions, but reality got in the way.  No was a fun-filled, jam-packed week, and there is always next Friday ;-)  

I'm chaperoning fifth graders at Sea World today.  The last time I chaperoned at Sea World, my daughter (and I) was quite a bit younger!  When that fun is over, I hope to see what creative goodness is posted over at Amy's place.  Oh...and I hope to get some quilting done myself.

Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Have fun at Sea World!!

  2. So, for the other 28 weeks you had a finish every Friday! Holy guacamole! Impressive! You deserve a week off!

  3. how fun Rene'! that photo is awesome!

  4. Happy Mothers Day Rene!

    I hope you had fun at Sea World!