Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just What I Need...

...another challenge!  This challenge, however, is not about starting a new project but about finishing projects.  So I am joining Jacquie's Spring to Finish Challenge 2010.


This is my list of goals I posted on Jacquie's post:

1) Keep up with the hexagon quilt a long
2) Keep up with the pinwheel sampler quilt a long
3) Quilt and bind Liberated Amish quilt
4) Quilt and bind baby boy quilt
5) Quilt and bind Charity "100 block" quilt
6) Label, register and mail AAQI Peace quilt
7) Start snowman embroidery block of the month

I completed all my pinwheel sampler blocks, so until Rachel posts the next set of instructions, I'm OK with #2.

Tomorrow, I plan to get started on the hexagon quilt along mentioned in #1.  

I forgot to show a picture of this great label Beth made for me.  She digitized our guild logo and embroidered my name.  I plan to incorporate the label into my guild badge.  I guess I should have added that to my spring to finish list.

What projects do you hope to finish?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. I like how the pinwheels are coming along...I have had the same NY's resolution for the last several years - "Finish what I start" it is getting a little better - there is hope for us all!

  2. I signed up for the challenge too with 20 small projects and a bigger wall hanging - all projects that need to be done.
    Your pinwheels look great, Rene'!

  3. Hmmm...I guess I need to get in on this challenge too! It will be a good push for me to finish up my UFO's!

    Your pinwheel blocks look great!