Monday, April 5, 2010

Granny's Love

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Our family lost one day as we had travel issues.  My sister-in-law was sweet enough to fill in the gap by bringing over all the food for Easter Sunday.  Good thing because we arrived home to a house empty of food and all the stores closed for the holiday.

While in Montana, I used my husband's quilt when reading a book, watching TV or just being lazy.  Since I traveled all weekend and have nothing new to show you, I thought I would share my quilt with you.  It is the twin of my husband's.  There are some differences.  While his is made with flannels, mine is made with lighter colored fabrics and a thinner batting since it lives in Florida. His is larger and has a different quilt design.

I don't even remember when this was made because there is no label.  Shame on me!  I know it was several years ago.  Definitely before blogging because I can't even find a picture of when it was first made to help establish a time line.  The pattern is Granny's Patches which is so appropriate because if I ever make a label when I do make the label for this quilt, it will say "Granny's Love".  I grew up close to two wonderful Granny's!!!  I thought of them while making this quilt, and had my longarmer quilt hearts (which you can't see) as an all-over design to represent their love/my love for me/them.

This quilt is used A LOT!  It is so soft from several washings.  It resides in my room, and I grab it when I am reading a book I nap.  It is used so often that Max gets super excited when he sees me grab the quilt because he knows it is cuddle nap time!  It's kind of sad really.  I don't know if napping is a Southern thing or a Chapin (family name) thing, but I have a feeling I will be using this quilt today.  I really shouldn't as I have a ton of work to do including finishing up the Feeling Groovy quilt, but I still haven't recovered from spring break ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Love the quilt! Glad that you are all home safely!



  2. I think that napping is a Chapin thing that you learned from your Granny Chapin. She taught you and Michelle the art of taking naps. Glad you are home safely.

  3. Aw, that's a very sweet name and sentiment for this quilt! So pretty! I love napping, too - it's my chief talent! My dog even knows that when I call out "Susie, nap!" what it means, and she comes to find me and cuddle up for a snooze!