Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Finish: Dresden Blocks Top

I have a lot of friends to thank for this one!  Thank you MCM Bee friends for the blocks; thanks to several quilty friends who put up with my constant texts asking for background fabric and layout advice; our guild secretary took the only photo I have of the entire top; and a big thank you to Frank and his polling random salon customers to weigh in on the background color!  It takes a village....ha ha!

blocks patiently waiting....  
These gorgeous Dresdens have brightened up my design wall since last December while I contemplated their fate.  In the end, I decided to stitch them randomly on a widescreen print by Carolyn Friedlander in Pacific blue.  It's difficult to capture the color on "film".  You will notice it looks different in every picture here.

my block...still without the center ;-)

My friends may have selected the background color (between Pacific, Flame, Yarrow), but Max had major input on the block placement.  I wanted to complete the top before Wednesday's guild meeting for show and tell and completely forgot to get a picture with all the blocks stitched down.
see what I mean about the color?
Ede was kind enough the share the photo she took at the meeting.  I think we were holding it up sideways :-))  It's on the large side to fit the bed in my guest room.

There is so much negative space and my shoulder is still giving me trouble (that's my story and I am sticking to it!), so I have outsourced the quilting.  I'm excited to get this one finished!
I won't forget to take pictures once it is quilted!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I bet you are happy to have this one nearly finished! I agree about that colour being difficult to photograph.... The Dresdens look much green too in the later photos!

  2. ohhhh!!! Love the colors of your Dresdens, Looking forward to seeing this beauty finished!

  3. The dresden plates are beautiful! Can't wait to see it quilted.

  4. Fabulous!! I love the color palette and using widescreen as your background was an excellent choice. I made a black and white dresden quilt as a wedding gift for my brother earlier this year - it was a ton of work and quilting it was a bear. Good call on sending it out :-)
    Looking forward to seeing it completed ~ Tracy

  5. Love the background color you chose. Can't wait to see how it gets quilted.

  6. This is such a neat quilt, René! I'm glad I made the mis-sized Dresden because it suits the overall design. Don't you agree? Since then though, I've bought a Dresden ruler, so I'll be prepared if I need to make another... and next time, the Dresden might just be for me! You've got me thinking I need to make some of those blocks for myself. It will be great to see this finished quilt. Enter it in QuiltCon, won't you?