Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Finish: Quilt Top

Happy Friday everyone!  I have a finished quilt top to share with you today.  The design has been in my head for a while and is based on an airport lounge window of all things.

Does anyone recognize the airport?  We have had more than one layover here, and each time I find myself looking at this window and thinking "quilt".

Delta Crown Room
It was difficult to get the entire flimsy in one picture.  The top measures 56" x 84" and consists of all Carolyn Friedlander fabrics.  Other than having to order more of the black crosshatch for the background, all came from my stash.  Think this is the third all-Carolyn quilt I have made.

Today on Instagram I saw a video of Carolyn's new fall fabrics.  Guess I need to sew faster! Or maybe buy less fabric?!

 Any suggestions on a name for this quilt?  I keep calling it MSP (airport code), but it needs a better name.  Ideas?

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  1. Brilliant design, Rene! The subtle colors really add some added dimension to the quilt and I really, really like the background fabric.

  2. I don't recognise the airport (or the code for that matter!) but its an interesting design. Maybe call it 'Layover'?

  3. Way to visualize, then realize, your inspiration!! It's a fantastic modern quilt!

  4. How very creative! I can see why you were inspired by that wall of windows, very cool design!

  5. Very cool! Inspiration comes from so many places, doesn't it? :D
    I think the suggestion of Layover is a good one!

  6. Isn't it funny where our inspiration sometimes comes from? I like the name Layover.

  7. MSP is one of my favorites with the nice little tables to settle in with a cup of coffee and catch up between MCO -> ANC flights. The quilt is great and I love the fact that you were inspired by the view.