Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Finish: Fifty Kisses

I'm at my annual Gruber's retreat (yippee!!!!) and hand delivered my sister's 50th birthday quilt to her.  It was difficult to keep progress pictures off Instagram, so it is nice to finally share photos of this one.
Fifty Kisses
I call it Fifty Kisses.  There are 50 different x-blocks made with 50 different Cotton+Steel fabrics and one big x-block (you to grow on!).  No repeat fabrics were used.  The background and backing is Carolyn Friedlander widescreen - blue for the front and black (over the hill) for the back.

Artist Point - Yellowstone National Park
I finished hand stitching the binding while on vacation in Montana so the quilt went with us to Yellowstone National park for a photo shoot.  Here is a picture taken at Artist Point.  I may have pushed a few international tourists out of the way to get this picture ;-)

quilted by Frank Palmer
Apparently I didn't take any in progress pictures.  I guess that's because I knew I couldn't share the process.  I found this picture of the pin basting on the wall which is funny since I ended up giving the quilt to a longarmer.

basting on the wall
When it came time to quilt, my sewing room became inaccessible for the week before I was heading out of town, so I "outsourced" the quilting to our new OrlandoMQG member Frank Palmer.  As bad as I felt about not doing the quilting myself, I am so happy with the quilting Frank did!  He did a beautiful job and allowed the blocks to be the focus.  The quilt washed up beautifully and has that soft crinkly look and feel.
Spanish Peaks in the background
The blocks are from a tutorial by Pile O' Fabric and finish at 5.5".  The quilt is smaller than I would like, measuring 49.5" by 60.5.  Michelle loves it which makes me very happy.  She has slept under it every night!  She gave me a beautiful birthday quilt as well which I will share when I get some decent pictures.

on the ski bridge
one more
Quilt stats:  Fifty Kisses, fabrics Cotton+Steel and Carolyn Friedlander, finished size 49.5x60.5, block pattern by Pile O' Fabric, quilted by Frank Palmer.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Friday!


  1. Beautiful. Wish I had a sister to make such a cool quilt. Love the big X to grow on.

  2. This is a great finish. No wonder your sister loves it. Frank did a wonderful job on the quilting.

  3. It is a great quilt, Rene! I love the pale blue background you used! A beautiful quilt photographed in a beautiful setting! (I wonder whether my sister would like one for her 60th, coming up in September? I guess I need to get a move on!)

  4. Oh it's beautiful!! I love the quilt just because it's stunningly pretty but it's even better that there's a meaning behind it. What a lucky sister to get it as a present - oh and that's an awesome shot at Yellowstone!

  5. What a fabulous quilt with a fabulous story behind it!

  6. It's beautiful! And great photos too!

  7. What a perfect gift! And such a lovely gift! I like the thought you put into it - her age; her favorite fabrics; and all the love. It's heartwarming to see how much you care for each other. You make beautiful things, René.

  8. Such a beautiful quilt! I love the concept and fabrics you used. It was wonderful to see it in person at our retreat this weekend. You are such an amazing sister! (and friend!)

  9. There are no words to express what this quilt means to me! I love everything about it and the thought and love you put into it!! I will treasure this quilt!! Love you so much!! I am truly blessed!!!