Monday, October 6, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong 10/6/14

Happy Monday!  Can you believe it's October already?!  
I'm keeping up with the Choose Your Own BlockAlong and my Dear Jane blocks.

Block E-3
I continue to choose blocks that can be rotary cut and pieced, putting off those blocks requiring appliqué and paper piecing.  I know I will have to face those soon enough.

These blocks are really test my piecing skills.  Those corner HSTs are 1 3/8" (unfinished), so forgive me if I don't stress over my not so perfect points ;-)

Block E-9
When the directions call for cutting 3/4" strips, I need to remind myself these blocks finish at 4 1/2".  
After working on these blocks, a 2 1/2" square seems huge!

I am now up to 14 Dear Jane blocks, and I appreciate the continued accountability of these weekly posts with Michelle and Cindy.  

Are you playing along?  Link up here so we can support one another.

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  1. Those are some seriously small pieces. They make really cute blocks though.

  2. I have to admire anyone who works on those Dear Jane blocks. What a challenge. Heck, I probably wouldn't even be able to see pieces that small.

    Congrats on those cute blocks.

  3. I love that first block with the text print. Jane would be proud!

  4. Can't imagine making such tiny HSTs. Keep it up.

  5. I love this modern version of Dear Jane. Good luck with the tiny piecing.

  6. Those are such cute and tiny little HST :)