Thursday, July 3, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Montana

Last week's post was all about my trip to visit the parental units in Mississippi.  This week I'm on vacation with my family in Montana.  

false advertising
It's a good thing I have already read the book and seen the movie because contrary to the screen, this movie was not available on the flight.

 This sign makes me a little sad.  One of Montana's draws for me is the lack of people ;-)  Of course, the state is just so beautiful it stands to reason the word would get out. 

The USA had a good run in the World Cup for a while.  During that time I would watch the game on my laptop (couldn't get TV to work) while sewing and glancing out the window at the glorious view.

Our family went on a hike yesterday.  Not the best time to see this on your camera screen, especially after taking some awesome wildflower and family shots.  Times like these we can all be grateful for the cameras on our cell phones.

birthday hike
Wore my Patchwork Threads shirt.  Gives a whole new meaning to "Make It" when you're out of shape and attempting to climb a mountain.  I did it though.  The 5.65 miles doesn't seem as impressive as the 94 flights of stairs my Fitbit stats showed for the hike.

the boys are WAY ahead of us girls
Sometimes the view going down is just as spectacular as at the top. We finished our hike before the storm came through.

dandelions everywhere
 Today's hike is the first one of the season, but I've been taking morning walks and appreciating the beauty and lack of humidity.  The cooler temps and lower humidity sure makes exercising much more enjoyable than Florida's summer heat.

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