Thursday, June 12, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Visiting

Going back to my hometown means not only checking on the parental units visiting my parents but also eating some really, really good food I just can't get anywhere else.  

We usually hit up a few local favorites like BB's PoBoysEdd's Drive-In and Rob's BBQ on the Side, and if we're lucky, my dad boils some shrimp (like no one else!!!) and whips ups a batch of our family secret recipe Harper sauce.

free poster and charm bracelet
If you haven't read the book The Fault in Our Stars yet, go read it!  Then, go see the movie!  My daughter has been a huge fan of both John and Hank Green long before the movie was announced.  (She has educated me on topics such as vlogbrothers, nerdfighters, dftbamental floss, John Green teaching history and others.)

Knowing all this, there was no way I could say no (nor did I want to say no) to The Night Before Our Stars special live streaming Q&A event.  My daughter did some research and found a movie theater 60 miles away close to my hometown participating.  We found out that night that only 650 theaters were part of The Night Before Our Stars.  The movie was pure perfection (heartbreakingly beautiful according to Ally), and the Live Q&A made me understand my daughter's fangirl crush on John Green!   
adding to my collection
We stayed with my middlest on the way there and back which is always nice.  He gave me this New Orleans Starbucks mug to add to my collection.

adult beverage
Ate at another favorite restaurant and tried a huckleberry margarita.  Not bad!

Saw this sign for new condos and had to laugh.  The rendition looks pretty and all, but that's not the way football fans dress for tailgating!

photo of photographers
 On the way home we stopped by my sister's to meet my new great-nephew!  He's SO sweet, and I was so happy to hold him.  We had a fun photo shoot on the Peace Quilt my sister made her grandson.  I took hundreds of several photographs of baby and quilt, and there are some great shots, but I love this one with the cell phones snapping pictures.  If Michelle doesn't blog about her Peace Quilt soon, I will.  Just saying'!

QuiltCon planning
Who's planning their schedule for QuiltCon?  I am finding it difficult making decisions and juggling class time with friend time and show time and eating time and sleeping time and....

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  1. That movie looks like it will be a real tearjerker.

  2. What a precious little guy. Nice to be away but always nice to come home. Cheers,

  3. You sure had a nice get-away, and worked in priority time with all the right people. I'm not familiar with the book or movie, so thanks for sharing about that. Because of you - I think it was you - I've just finished reading the book "Divergent." Now I'm on a wait list for the second one. So glad you'll be going to QuiltCon. I'll only take one class, if that, and maybe one lecture. We must plan a MCM meet-up!

  4. Such great randomness, Rene'! What classes are you taking? I MUST figure it out asap. I probably won't take many classes (stupid loss of $$) but the lectures look interesting too.

  5. Sounds like a nice visit. I'm trying to figure out what classes/lectures to take this week.

  6. The photo of Landon with people leaning over him with phones truly cracks me up. Quilt lovers unite. Great post and I agree with Ally, adore John Green though I should. not. have. read. this. particular. book. at. this . particular. time. Too late now!