Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini Monday: QAYG and Log Cabins

I take a LOT of breaks when I am quilting.  My back and patience (or lack thereof) demand it.  Thank goodness for my featherweight and small projects.

QAYG practice
During those breaks while working on the {Hugs} hexie quilt, I practiced my quilt as you go technique I am learning from Tara's Tinkertote Craftsy class

Practicing the QAYG technique is a great way to use up scraps of fabric not to mention batting.  I don't know when I will find the time to make the patchwork bag from the class, but I am having fun with the technique.

scrappy pin cushion

I made this cute pin cushion using tiny scraps.   Walnut shells are used for stuffing.

pot holder front

pot holder back
Then I made a pot holder with bigger scraps.  I skipped the binding and did the stitch all around and flip inside out method instead.

pumpkin mug rug
This pumpkin mug rug didn't use the quilt as you go technique but it was made with scraps and a log cabin design.

needs a pumpkin muffin
 Now I need to get back to quilting....I have some more QAYG project ideas in mind!

Happy stitching!


  1. Cute, cute projects! Love that pumpkin mug rug! Absolutely needs a pumpkin muffin!

  2. Cute projects Rene. I've only ever done a stocking using this method. I guess I should branch out ; )

  3. Looks different and beautiful...

  4. Cute little pumpkin mug rug! In fact everything is lovely! I agree about quilting breaks- they are very necessary in my scheme of things too!

  5. Little projects like these are mentally invigorating, aren't they? It's a great feeling to see some finishes, and does lots to make one reenergized for the next big project. Your pin cushion, pot holder and mug rug are great. Looks like you're having fun, and that's what counts!

  6. My mug rug is just lovely. The perfect place for my pumpkin spice coffee. Thank you so much!!!