Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Finish: Quick Change Trousers

I finished these adorable pants last night, and I have to say they are the cutest thing ever!!!!!

the back side
The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby.  I have had this book for a while and wish it hadn't taken me so long before making this first pair.  I was intimidated by the sewing pattern, but I shouldn't have been because this project was so simple and quick to make.

the front
 I discovered last night that I had every width of elastic except the 1/2" called for in the pattern.  I will run out and purchase that today, but I was too excited to wait before taking pictures of the pants.  I just had to share them on the blog today! 

cell phone photo
The trousers are reversible and I made one side with all Architextures fabric by Carolyn Friedlander.  I just love this ledger fabric!  It reminds me of my former CPA days and wanted my grandson to have a little bit of that in the first clothing I make for him.  

reversible front side

I wasn't sure if MY son would let HIS son wear graph-paper pants, so I made the reversible side more subdued.  The pants fabric used is still Architextures but only the cuffs show the ledger print.  

reversible back side
I used fabric from the Type collection by Julia Rothman for the back yoke which I think is just adorable here!  I sure wish I had pictures with the cute little guy these pants are destined for, but I plan to visit him soon.  No doubt I will take one or two pictures of him wearing the pants then! 

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Happy Friday and happy stitching!!!


  1. They turned out so cute. I love that they're reversible. They look comfy too.

  2. Aren't they the funnest? You did a great job. I was a bit confused about putting in the elastic, but I figured it out. I love them!

  3. These pants are adorable. I look forward to seeing your grandson model them.

  4. These are so cute. Hey, look at you--sewing in 3D!

  5. They are adorable indeed!! I have been thinking of making pants for my grandsons since the first one was born, so maybe it's time to make a few cute pants for the summer. I used to make pants all the time a couple of decades ago; maybe it's like ridning a bike..

  6. So stinkin' cute!!! I haven't made anuthing wearable for my nephew in ages because he's growing too fast but I might have to make him something now… :-)

  7. Too adorable! Now that you've started with clothes for Leo, you may just have to keep going because there are so many really cute boys patterns. Love your fabric choices, too. Inquiring readers want to know . . . is he walking now? I bet he's close to it!

  8. These are way too cute!

  9. So cute! You've graduate to clothing with your 3D sewing now? What area we going to do with you?