Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today was a great mail day and just in time for the long weekend!

I'm so excited that two quilt books I ordered were shipped sooner than originally promised. These two books were all the buzz on Twitter and Instagram during Spring Market which made me want my books even more!

I only had time to snap a few quick photos of the books before packing them away for our weekend getaway, so I am anxious to delve into them. I know I will be inspired and start making lists of new projects to I don't have enough of those already.

These other recent quilt book purchases and magazines are also packed in my beach bag. Honestly, I won't mind a rain day or two this weekend ;-)

Those volunteers at the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative were speedy at shipping my new mini quilt acquisitions. Both of them arrived today in the same package.

I have to show you the backs of these two quilts. They are just as pretty as the front.

Look how the colorful stitching shows up on the back! That alone is cool, but then notice how perfect Susan's stitches are! How does she do that with all the thread color changes?!

I love how Kathryn was inspired by the backing fabric to design her Mod Flower. This backing fabric is so fun as are her stitches. I am thrilled to add these two art quilts to my collection!

Now that I have typed this post (did you notice that this makes four in a row for me this week? It's been a while since that has happened.), I think I'll pull out one of my new quilt books!

Happy stitching......and reading!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are pleased with your quilt! I'll be honest...I almost liked the back of that quilt better than the front! I hated to put the label on and hanging tabs on! LOL

    Have a great weekend with your new books!

  2. I'd say a BIG score. Beautiful quilts!!! After ordering Sunday Morning Quilts and Quilting Modern this morning, I realized that Modern Patchwork was by Elizabeth Hartman. I loved her Practical Guide to Patchwork that you gifted me. Understandably, I had to go back and order her new book!! There goes my monthly allowance ;-)

  3. The quilts are both so cute! I've been drooling over Elizabeth's book too. Let me know what you think.

  4. Wow...I'd say you scored BIG!!!! I love the quilts, and once again, AAQI has scored with your support. Enjoy your beach reading ;-)

  5. I have missed your postings; glad to see you back. I love the mini quilts. So much talent is displayed in the quilts.

  6. I am especially happy about your new quilt acquisitions!

  7. I just ordered the "We Love Color" book! Since you got yours, I think we may not hear from you again for a week! Enjoy them!

  8. I have that second book, too. I can't wait to dive into all the new books I got at Market!