Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: Progression

Today I'm off to my first Orlando Modern Quilt Guild meeting as a member who isn't the President, and I. can't. wait!  We have such an awesome group, and I am looking forward to sitting back this morning, listening to the other officers present and chatting with fellow guild members!

Packing up my stuff for the meeting sure didn't take as long as it usually does.  All I need today is my name tag, BOMs, show and tell and my checkbook to renew my dues.  Someone else gets to bring the Agenda, Sign in sheet, Membership Forms, notes, ideas and answers ;-) 

My first EQ7 quilt design.  I have been putting off learning the program because I have PC issues.  My issue with the PC is that I can't figure out how to use them.  I am so a Mac girl!  (I am also a purist in that I don't want to taint my Mac subdivide my Mac in order to use certain PC programs such as Electric Quilt and Dear Jane, so I use an old, cheap-as-I-could-find PC for these purposes.)   My EQ rendition is supposed to give the parents an idea of what the quilt will look like in their colors, but when I showed my two youngest children they only saw Tic Tac Toe.

I was asked to make signature blocks (which will be made into a wall hanging) to bring to a baby shower, which meant I needed to figure out the type and size of block and the eventual layout.  Michelle suggested X's and O's for Hugs and Kisses which is brilliant, and I immediately saw these two siggy quilts on Flickr.  Usually, I have to spend hours to find a picture of what I'm thinking ;-)

I also made a sample X block to see if I liked the size.  These are larger than the siggy blocks made in the Siggy Swap.  Each quadrant is a 6" finished block, whereas the Siggy Swap blocks were 3" I believe.  
If you were to write a message to a baby, how much room would you want and/or need?  Seriously....I need some help with this.  Once I decide on that, find out how many total signature blocks required (40 I think), and the size of the wall space allotted, I can proceed.

I spent some time yesterday sewing all the wonky star points for the remaining baby star blocks.  Later today, well probably tomorrow if I'm being realistic, I will square these and finish assembling the blocks.  

Wouldn't it be great if I had it finished in time to show on Friday?


  1. That's so great that you get to go to your meeting and just relax. I know just how you feel (from being in charge at work....). Love what you're working on. I keep holding off on buying EQ because I keep thinking sooner or later they'll make one that runs on a Mac. :-) I'm a Mac girl, too....since 1987! I have the cheapest, cheap can be PC laptop, too, to run my embroidery software. And Sweet Pea plays games on it. That's about it. It's so stripped down, it doesn't even have word processing software on it. LOL.

    I blogged about your cowboy quilt today. I just love it! It came last week!!!

  2. Although you were/are an exceptional leader, I love that you have more time to create and show us your stuff. Great idea for the siggy baby quilt. I'm a Mac girl too. Luckily Windows copied everything from Apple, so I can operate a PC as needed. ;) Thanks for lunching with me. Cheers to a successful third year for our guild.